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Renewable Energy Markets™ (REM™) 2021 is seeking ideas for timely and engaging topics for small, informal discussions we call Table Topics. These are discussion-oriented small group sessions lasting 30 minutes or so. No slides or formal presentations are needed. Handouts are allowed if they will help with the discussion. These are open to all attendees, and no pre-registration is required.

Sample topics include:

  • Environmental Attribute Accounting for Storage and Renewable Energy 
  • The Intersection of Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicles
  • New Technologies: DERs, Hydrogen, Hydro-electric, Storage, and more
  • The Rise of Solar + Storage PPAs
  • Reducing Embodied Carbon in Materials (solar panels, steel, cement, aluminum, and more)
  • Evolving Best Practice for Claims that Include Default Grid Mix
  • Collective Progress Toward Standardization of Renewable Energy Contracts
  • Commercial Green Tariffs

To complete this form please have the following available:

  • Table leader's contact information, biography (100 words or fewer) and color photograph
  • Table Topic title and brief description of relevance to our audience

Thank you in advance for offering to guide a discussion and share your industry expertise and experience with our attendees.

Table Topics from REM™ 2020

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Renewable Energy Organizations
  • Green Power Access - Implications for Market Growth and Leadership
  • RECs as a Decarbonization Instrument – How Increased Data Can Play a Role
  • Bringing Solar Energy to Residential Customers in Texas
  • Fulfilling the Promise of Solar Through the Emerging Community Solar Garden Market
  • Navigating a Clean Energy Career for Young Professionals of Color
  • Lessons Learned: Implementing Corporate Carbon Neutral Strategies
  • Thermal Energy: Renewable Natural Gas, Hydrogen, and the Next Great Decarbonization Frontier
  • How Voluntary Programs Can Help Utilities Hit a Carbon Goal
  • New Developments in Taiwan's Renewable Energy Market
  • Developing, Executing, and Reporting on Your Renewable Energy Strategy
  • Resilient Schools: Linking Corporate Renewable Energy Commitments to High-Value Community Projects
  • The Relevance of "Regulatory Surplus" as a Requirement and Demand-Driver for Voluntary Renewable Energy in the Future
  • Hybrid Power Plants
  • Generation of LCFS credits from On-Road and Off-Road Transportation